Wikipedia foundation sues NSA over mass surveillance programme

The Wikimedia Foundation, which runs the online encyclopaedia, is arguing that the NSA’s surveillance violates the First Amendment

Andrew Griffin The Independent [UK] 10 March 2015

Organisations including the Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia, have filed a lawsuit against the NSA and the US Department of Justice over its surveillance programmes.

The lawsuit was filed […]

CIA torture report release: Democrats' scorched earth exit

Jim Kouri Law Enforcement Examiner 12/8/2014

The soon-to-be ex-chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Dianne Feinstein, D-Caliornia, is planning to release the final report regarding allegations that agents and contract-workers with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) are guilty of torturing and mistreating those suspected terrorists captured by U.S. law enforcement or the U.S. military during […]

California Orders Churches To Fund Abortions—Or Else

Churches Can Exclude Chemical Baby Killing, But Not Surgical—

BigFurHat iOwnTheWorld 10/22/2014

The Federalist reports, a regulatory change in California has placed abortion in the category of ‘basic health services’ all insurance plans must cover.

For the past four years, the Obama administration and its friends on the Left were careful to claim that they […]

Friday Document Dump: Clintons Wanted to Force Militias to Register With Federal Government

Sancho Panza Soopermexican 10/11/2014

As expected, a large document dump was dropped on Friday at the start of a three-day weekend, hoping most Americans wouldn’t pay attention. Politico reports on many of the revelations from Clinton’s term as President, but this one about militias is especially interesting:

In the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing, […]

ACLU: West Springfield, MA Police Department Has Grenade Launchers

In its annual report on police militarization, the Massachusetts chapter of the ACLU questioned why West Springfield police have two grenade launchers.

Barry Donegan 7/11/2014

MassLive is reporting on an unusual finding that the Massachusetts chapter of the ACLU published in its annual report on police militarization in the state. In the late ’90s, […]

Overturning petition ruling Judge puts John Conyers on primary ballot

Associated Press via The Washington Examiner 5/23/2014

A judge on Friday ordered U.S. Rep. John Conyers to be placed on the August primary ballot, overturning a decision by Michigan election officials who found the Detroit Democrat ineligible because of problems with his nominating petitions.

Many petitions were thrown out because the people who gathered signatures […]