Adam Andrzejewski saved Lech Walesa an embarrassing trip to #OWS Contributor Puts Lech Walesa Some F’n Knowledge About OWS

Andy Ace of Spades HQ 10/21/2011

Adam Andrzejewski caught wind of Lech Walesa’s expressed sympathies for the Occupiers and suspected he wasn’t aware they were stuffed to the gills with Marxists and other assorted hard left types:

The Polish champion of freedom and liberty, founder […]

Founding Bloggers – The Lech Walesa Story on Eye (Don’t) Witness News

Founding Bloggers 2/2/2010

Last week, Nobel Laureate, Presidential Medal of Freedom winner, and former president of Poland, Lech Walesa, traveled to Chicago to endorse a political candidate for governor of Illinois.

Who he endorsed doesn’t matter. The fact that he is here endorsing anyone at all should be considered newsworthy.

Unfortunately for Chicago residents, and […]

Limbaugh: Tea Party-endorsed Candidate Adam Andrzejewski Is the “Scott Brown of Illinois”

“I admire Adam Andrzejewski because I see in him a young Ronald Reagan, my great friend, who helped free Poland from the tyranny of Communism and gave us a road map for economic success. Mr. Andrzejewski has a vision, and more importantly, a workable plan to bring economic growth to Illinois.”

–Lech Walesa […]