Bamboo Spears

Bill Whittle 10/25/2013

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…The tagline for my website has been SMART CONSERVATIVE THINKING. I chose it because it was bold, it was defiant, […]

Judge Napolitano on Use of Drones in US: Congress Is Going to Look the Other Way and Let the Air Force Spy in Our Backyards

Studio B Fox News Insider 5/14/2012

The FAA is expected to announce plans to expand the use of domestic drones in American airspace. These would be similar to the unmanned aircraft that the U.S. has been using to target terrorists abroad. In the U.S., the surveillance systems would be used to track terrorists, drug […]

Freedom of Information? Fifteen Months Waiting for Four Blank Pages

Last year, PJM made a FOIA request regarding who flew to the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Why did it go all the way to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and why was everything redacted?

Patrick Richardson Pajamas Media 4/7/2011

Back in December 2009, my colleague and — I flatter myself — […]