EPA Honors Noted Environmentalist Che Guevara

Investors.com Editorial 9/14/2012

Regulators: The EPA has commemorated the start of Hispanic Heritage Month with an emailed picture of Marxist thug Che Guevara. Considering the agency’s totalitarian energy policies, it’s somehow appropriate.

The internal email sent by EPA management analyst Susie Goldring was said to have been issued without clearance from higher-ups. EPA said it […]

Video Shines Light on Obama-EPA Green ‘Way of Life’ Agenda

Sen. Jim Inhofe YouTube 6/5/2012

In preparation for Obama-EPA Regional Administrator Al Armendariz’s testimony before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Wednesday, Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.), Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, released his latest video showcasing a number of Obama EPA Regional Administrators longing to impose a green […]

EPA Expands Its Mission To Crucifixion

Charles C. W. Cooke The Corner National Review Online 4/26/2012

Free nations that respect the rule of law tend not to make examples of their citizens, much less crucify them. This rule of thumb, however, seems to have been lost on the EPA, an official from which had an interesting analogy to share in a […]