Edward Snowden, meet Jeff Bezos

What we do know about Snowden is something we don’t know about the new owner of the Washington Post: whether he can go up against the most powerful and secretive forces on the planet… and win.

Jay Rosen Press Think 8/11/2013

…When his free press moment comes — and it will come — will Jeff […]

Senate passes internet sales tax bill amid opposition from conservatives

Bill to overturn 1992 court decision has support of Obama, Amazon and Walmart – but its future in the House is uncertain

Dominic Rushe The Guardian [UK] 6 May 2013

The US Senate on Monday passed a bill aimed at ending tax-free shopping on the internet but the move looks set to face fierce opposition […]

Sen. Paul speaks on waste in ‘Sandy’ emergency funding

SenatorRandPaul YouTube 12/28/2012

In an email yesterday Senator Paul wrote:

I know you work hard. Like most Americans, you provide for your family and save as much of your hard-earned money as possible.

But unforeseen emergencies can take you by surprise at any time and force you to make necessary sacrifices to pay for those […]

'2016: Obama's America' at Amazon

Glenn Reynolds Instapundit 10/13/2012


Update: Watch 2016 Obama’s America on Amazon.com Instant Video this weekend!


Everything You Remember About the 1990s is Wrong

Nicholas Carlson Business Insider 6/10/2012

As we deal with an under-employment crises that refuses to go away, the 1990s are now remembered as an age of prosperity that only got out of hand in a tech bubble at the end of the decade.

But that’s not what happened at all.

Peter Thiel – the billionaire […]

Hooray For Amazon!

Investors.com 7/1/2011

States: California Gov. Jerry Brown thought he’d found a honey pot of revenues by taxing Amazon’s Internet sales. He obviously didn’t realize whom he was picking a fight with.

As Brown was signing the law, which aims to tax out-of-state Internet sales, online retailing giant Amazon was sending letters to thousands of California […]