EPA Proposal Seeks Huge Power Grab Over Farmlands

Robert Wilde Breitbart.com Big Government 4 April 2014

Republican lawmakers joined farmers and land developers to discourage the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from asserting a proposed rule which will increase its regulatory authority over the nation’s streams and wetlands.

“It’s the most breathtaking power grab I’ve seen in a long time,” said Sen. Pat Toomey, […]

Ranchers, farmers fear eco-terrorists after EPA releases private info

Perry Chiaramonte FoxNews.com 1/17/2014

The Environmental Protection Agency has told farmers and ranchers it is sorry for handing private information about them over to environmental groups, but agriculture advocates who fear attacks from eco-terrorists say it’s like closing the barn door after the horses escaped.

In response to Freedom of Information Requests, the federal agency […]

Farm Bureau Fires Back Against Climate Bill’s ‘Power Grab’

By ALLISON WINTER of ClimateWire The New York Times January 11, 2010

The largest U.S. farm group will “aggressively” fight back against any attempts to change the landscape of American agriculture — including the farm bill or animal rights campaigns, American Farm Bureau Federation Bob Stallman said yesterday.

In a fiery speech that kicked off […]