President Obama receives chilly reception from vets at the American Legion convention

Not buying it: An estimated 10,000 American Legionnaires registered to attend the convention in Charlotte, but few of them were on their feet clapping for the commander-in-chief



Glenn Beck 8/27/2014

President Obama spoke to an audience of veterans at the American Legion’s national conventional on Tuesday about the state of the […]

Father of dead Marine ordered to pay protesters’ court costs, and how you can help him

Church members had conducted anti-gay protests at the funeral of Marine who died in Iraq

The Baltimore Sun 3/29/2010

Lawyers for the father of a Marine who died in Iraq and whose funeral was picketed by anti-gay protesters say a court has ordered him to pay the protesters’ appeal costs.

On Friday, the Court […]

WSJ: Veterans Get Exempted from Health Care Bill

The Wall Street Journal AUGUST 16, 2009 An Honorable Discharge Democrats give veterans a pass from ObamaCare.

We’re still sorting through the health-care deal Henry Waxman struck with Blue Dog Democrats recently, but one 11th-hour revision stands out. Namely, veterans will now be “exempt from the requirements of the legislation.”

That’s how Mr. Waxman’s staff […]