Brown Prof recalls when a real fascist came to campus, calls Ray Kelly shout down 'a shameful day'

Brown U. Prof. to Kelly protesters: “Yours was an act of cowardice and fear, unworthy of any of the causes you claim to hold dear”

William A. Jacobson Legal Insurrection 11/1/2013

There was some real angry ugliness at Brown University Tuesday night, as NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was shouted down and his lecture shut […]

Why Leftists, Communists, & Anti-Semites Support ‘Occupy Wall St.’

Jonathon M. Seidl The Blaze 11/8/2011

You know all those whiteboard videos made popular by UPS and then hijacked by the White House? Well, those aren’t the only two organizations that can make using a dry-erase marker interesting. The group over at Encounter Books has just released a new video with a fascinating explanation as […]

Apocalypse Soon

BigFurHat iOwnTheWorld 10/27/2011

It’s getting weird out there. The arc of far outer ism’s are coming full circle and colliding. When the far left meets the far right, what happens? Do they start shooting each other, or do they look at each other and storm the White House? The guns are showing up at Occupy […]