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‘A brawler for truth’: Andrew Breitbart remembered on birthday

Twitchy 2/1/2014



It’s Breitbart’s birthday. Don’t let the pandering party hacks undo all he worked for. #KruiserFeelings

— SFK (@stephenkruiser) February 1, 2014



Andrew Breitbart is being remembered today on what would be his 45th birthday.

At the website that bears his […]

Speaker at Occupy Event Says “I want ya’ll to start killing mother f–kers”

Eric Odom Liberty News Network 25 Apr 2012

Remember when Nancy Pelosi got emotional and lectured everyone on potential violence at tea party rallies?…

…As you’ll recall there never was any tea party violence. There is, however, constant cases of violence and calls for it at Occupy rallies. As can be seen at the recent […]