Left-Wing Writer Max Blumenthal Helped Craft Hillary’s ‘Youtube Video’ Benghazi Explanation

Patrick Howley The Daily Caller 5/27/2015

Left-wing writer Max Blumenthal helped inspire Hillary Clinton’s debunked talking point that an obscure YouTube movie called “Innocence of Muslims” was responsible for the deadly terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya in 2012.

The son of Clinton’s longtime political adviser and informal Libya consultant, Max Blumenthal […]

3 Years

Breitbart.com Big Journalism 1 Mar 2015





Andrew Breitbart, 1969 – 2012




i am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Susie Bean Breitbart Rebelle Society 1/3/2015

…As I write this, I am terrified. Terrified that you won’t believe me; that my kids won’t believe me. Most of all, I’m terrified that I don’t believe me. But I have no choice. I must make my way out of here or die in here.

Every day I […]

2014 Andrew Breitbart Awards

How Journalists Are Honoring One ‘Happy Warrior’




Ericka Andersen The Foundry Heritage.org 5/16/2014

Journalists and bloggers from across the country gathered at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., this week to recognize the contributions of three individuals who exemplify the spirit of the late Andrew Breitbart.

The Daily Signal, the soon-to-launch multimedia […]

Conservatives Remember Andrew Breitbart on 2nd Anniversary of Death




Robert Wilde Breitbart.com Big Government 1 Mar 2014

On the inaugural episode of Breitbart News Saturday on Sirius XM radio show, listeners were treated to an array of Tea Party leaders and up-and-coming conservative visionaries celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Tea Party.

During interviews with Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen […]

NY Times perpetuates myth of Andrew Breitbart’s misleading Shirley Sherrod video

William A. Jacobson Legal Insurrection 2/17/2014

We have examined several times the false claim that the original edited videotape released by Andrew Breitbart of Shirley Sherrod’s speech to a local NAACP group was misleading in that it allegedly failed to reveal that Sherrod overcame her negative feelings towards a white farmer when she was a […]