DSA Marxists strengthen grip on SEIU-set to step up push for ‘immigration reform’

Trevor Loudon New Zeal 8/27/2010

The U.S.’s largest marxist organization, Democratic Socialists of America, is about to further strengthen its hold the country’s most influential labor union – the SEIU.

After the recent resignation last week of Secretary-Treasurer Anna Burger, SEIU president Mary Kay Henry , announced her intendion to nominate Executive Vice President Eliseo […]

Behind SEIU Chief Andy Stern’s Resignation

Max Fisher The Atlantic Wire 4/13/2010

As chief of Service Employees International Union (SEIU), one of the nation’s largest unions, Andy Stern is a big player in Democratic politics. The group, which represents about 2 million workers, has been influential within the Obama administration. Stern’s SEIU demonstrated their clout during the health care reform debate, […]

SEIU Names a New Leader, Against Stern’s Wishes Anna Burger is Out

Liberty Chick BigGovernment.com 4/24/2010

“After a great amount of my own thought, hearing opinions from many of you, and holding them up against my own criteria—I recommend that Anna Burger not only temporarily—but then permanently—become the 10th President and first woman to lead our union.”

That’s what outgoing SEIU President Andy Stern requested in […]

For Obama, Some Unions Are More Equal Than Others

by Rob Bluey Heritage.org December 31, 2009

The Service Employees International Union takes the top prize as President Obama’s favorite labor union. President Andy Stern and Secretary-Treasurer Anna Burger have visited the White House nearly 60 times, including 11 meetings with Obama and another with Vice President Biden.

The White House yesterday released more than […]