Overturning Bloomberg’s Big Beverage Ban, Appeals Court Notes That Mountain Dew Is Not Malaria

Jacob Sullum Reason Magazine 7/30/2013

Today a state appeals court panel unanimously ruled that the New York Board of Health exceeded its regulatory authority when it enacted Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s big beverage ban. The decision upholds a March 11 ruling by a state judge, Martin Tingling, who blocked the widely derided soda serving ceiling before […]

Obama Has Already Appealed The Indefinite Detention Ruling

David Seaman Business Insider 9/13/2012

This sent a chill down my spine. In the midst of my interview with Tangerine Bolen, a plaintiff in the lawsuit against the NDAA’s indefinite detention provisions & coordinator of StopNDAA.org, she received an email from her lawyer to inform her that the Obama administration has already appealed yesterday’s historic […]

Mark Levin: Administration cannot continue to implement ObamaCare

Levin: Obama cannot continue to implement ObamaCare

therightscoop 1/31/2011

Levin makes an interesting point that the Federal Judge today declined to issue an injunction because he didn’t need to. ObamaCare has been declared unconstitutional and the only thing Obama can do at this point is appeal it. And if chooses not to respect the court’s […]