Leftist Jihad Against Pamela Geller

American Power 10/5/2010

At Atlas Shrugs, “All Death Threats Are Not Created Equal“:

This video was posted at a hate site dedicated to threatening and smearing Pamela Geller. I did not want to link to the hate site, so I am reposting this video here for reference. I believe that it is vitally important to […]

I say Alinsky them…

datechguy 6/13/2010

One of the rules of Saul Alinsky was to make people live by their own rules knowing that they can’t.

Yesterday Pam Geller, a fearless foe of Jihad was informed by PayPal that she is considered a “hate site” and is removing her ability to raise the small amount she does via them.


Truth is the new hate speech

Pamela Geller Atlas Shrugs 6/12/2010

The little money that Atlas generates (I have no large donors) is about to be cut off. Apparently the jihad is hard at work trying to kill free speech (and the bus ads and the 9111 no mosque movement) from making its way to those in pursuit of truth. Paypal […]

Lebanon Fires on Israeli Planes

Pamela Geller Atlas Shrugs 6/1/2010

In a post-American world:

Lebanon fires on Israeli planes: security official (AFP) – 4 hours ago

JERUSALEM — Lebanon’s military fired anti-aircraft artillery at Israeli warplanes that were flying over Lebanon, a senior Israeli security official said on Tuesday.

“Our aircraft have been targeted by the Lebanese anti-aircraft […]

Dems intimidate, threaten businesses because of projected Obamacare losses

Despot Dems Intimidate/threaten business because of their staggering Obamacare losses

Pamela Geller Atlas Shrugs 3/29/2010

The bloodsucking Dem despotic government is threatening retribution to businesses for filing reports required by law.

Maxed out mama explains:

As readers may or may not know, publicly traded companies are required to be audited and to file a number […]

Justice Department affirms CAIR’s unindicted co-conspiritor status

Pamela Geller Atlas Shrugs 3/13/2010

Any lawmaker or elected official fraternizing with this enemy ought to be censured.

Honest Ibe loses one: Justice Dept affirms CAIR’s unindicted co-conspirator status The facade continues to crumble. “DOJ: CAIR’s Unindicted Co-Conspirator Status Legit,” from the Investigative Project, March 12:

There’s another letter circulating on Capitol Hill affirming federal […]