Former ‘Car Czar’ Fined $10 Million in Massive Pension Scandal

‘Pay-to-play’ Rattner agrees to pen-$hun

Bruce Golding and Kaja Whitehouse New York Post 12/31/2010

…Former Obama administration “car czar” Steven Rattner yesterday walked away from his collision with Attorney General Andrew Cuomo by agreeing to a $10 million fine and a five-year ban on appearing before any state-pension funds.

But Rattner, who headed the massive […]

NY AG Cuomo will not investigate funds for Ground Zero Mega-mosque

Cuomo to Not Investigate Funds For Islamic Cultural Center

NY1 News 9/2/2010

State Attorney General and gubernatorial hopeful Andrew Cuomo said Thursday he has no plans to investigate the Islamic community center and mosque.

According to a recent poll, 7 out of 10 New York State voters say they want him to look into the […]

NY’s Cuomo Accepts Millions From Interests He Assails

Serge F. Kovaleksi and Griffin Palmer The New York Times 6/23/2010

Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo, declaring his candidacy for governor of New York, could not have been clearer.

“The influence of lobbyists and their special interests must be drastically reduced with new contribution limits,” Mr. Cuomo said last month. “We will be taking […]