Time Is on the Side of Tea Party Reforms

George Will Newsmax.com 21 Jul 2011

The tea party, the most welcome political development since the Goldwater insurgency in 1964, lacks only the patience necessary when America lacks the consensus required to propel fundamental change through our constitutional system of checks and balances.

If Washington’s trajectory could be turned as quickly as tea partyers wish […]

Rendezvous with Destiny

Sarah Palin Sarah Palin’s Notes Facebook 10/27/2010

Today is the 46th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s famous speech, “A Time for Choosing.”

The thing that struck me as I watched it again was how relevant its message still is for today’s America. Just as in 1964, we have a president who says “we must accept a […]

Reagan: A Time for Choosing

From BigGovernment.com

Today, in 1964, Ronald Reagan’s “A Time For Choosing” speech in support of Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater was broadcast on the nation’s airwaves. Just 16 years later, Reagan righted our listing ship.

UPDATE: A transcript of the speech can be read here.