Ben & Jerry will pay anarchists to #Occupy

Bill O’Reilly Takes On Ben & Jerry’s For Their #Occupy Grants: They “Don’t Care” If People Get Hurt

Pat Dollard 2/28/2012


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Will #OWS Shootings Change Media’s Reporting?

P.J. Salvatore Big Journalism 11/11/2011

Two shooting deaths at two different Occupy protests in less than 12 hours. Will the media finally acknowledge the self-destructive aesthetic of OWS?

Ryan Mercer/AP. Click on the image to enlarge.

Update: Today’s #Occupy headlines at Drudge:

Dead man in Salt Lake City… Tuberculosis in Atlanta… “Zuccotti Lung” […]

Fresh anti-Semitic videos coming out of Occupy Wall Street

Zombie PJ Media 11/9/2011


…Partial transcription (starting at 0:48):

Jewish man wearing a yarmulke: I work 65 hours a week. Protester: You probably live in the Hamptons ‘n’ some shit. Jewish man: I live in the Hamptons? I live in Brooklyn…I work 62 hours a week. Do you work 62 hours? Protester: You […]