Sen. Cruz: 2nd Amendment is a ‘Fundamental Check on Government Tyranny’

Michael W. Chapman 4/15/2015

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) explained that the Bill of Rights is not controlled by public opinion polls, that our rights do not come from government but from God Himself, and that the 2nd Amendment exists for self-protection and “as a fundamental check on government tyranny.”

“Our country was founded on […]

Standing Ovation: Rand Paul Blows Away Liberal Black Audience With Conservative Message at Bowie State

Matthew Boyle Big Government 14 Mar 2015

BOWIE, Maryland — Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was a hit speaker on the campus of Bowie State University on Friday, earning several rounds of applause and a standing ovation for the conservative message he delivered to a predominantly liberal audience at the historically black university—part of an […]

Rand Paul: ‘Defend the Whole Bill of Rights’

Ken McIntyre The Daily Signal 2/27/2015

The way to win more voters to the Republican banner is to guard “the whole Bill of Rights,” not just the Second Amendment, Sen. Rand Paul told an enthusiastic crowd of conservatives this afternoon.

Democratic and independent voters too often identify the GOP with zealously defending the right to […]

Sen. Paul: New Surgeon General ‘Thinks It’s His Job to Bash Bill of Rights’

The Kelly File 12/16/2014

…Paul also had some fiery words on Vivek Murthy, whom the Senate confirmed as surgeon general on Monday.

“This will be the first surgeon general we have who thinks it’s his job to bash the Bill of Rights,” he said, explaining that Murthy has called guns a health issue.

“I […]

Bill Whittle: Silence Drudge!

Bill Whittle Truth Revolt 10/31/2014

If someone was trying to limit or suppress your First Amendment rights in America today, what would that Tyrant look like? A dictator in a military uniform? Or a soccer mom in a corner office?

In this weeks Firewall, meet Ann Ravel of the FEC and Lois Lerner of the […]

Obama marks Constitution Day by referring to our constitutional rights as 'privileges'

Jason Pye United Liberty 9/17/2014

…In his presidential proclamation marking Constitution Day, President Barack Obama offered some insight into how he views the Bill of Rights. “Our Constitution reflects the values we cherish as a people and the ideals we strive for as a society,” Obama said in the release. “It secures the privileges we […]