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Phil Robertson, Ted Cruz Among Conservative Figures Celebrating Sarah Palin’s 50th Birthday

Tony Lee Breitbart.com Big Government 10 Feb 2014

On Sarah Palin’s 50th birthday, Duck Dynasty family patriarch Phil Robertson and other prominent figures and officials – like Ted Cruz, Mark Levin, Mike Lee, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Trump, John McCain, Deb Fischer, Allen West, […]

‘Michelle Obama looks forward to’ what?

Jim Geraghty wonders if he heard CNN correctly

Twitchy 1/15/2014



Did I just hear the CNN reporter say that Michelle Obama looks forward to post-White House life so she can travel & see the Hoover Dam?

— jimgeraghty (@jimgeraghty) January 15, 2014



…And she says by 70, she’d like to […]

See what you bought Michelle Obama for her 50th birthday

Joe Saunders BizPac Review 1/5/2014

What do you get for the first lady who has everything?

Try a few more days in sun-kissed Hawaii for Michelle Obama while her husband and two daughters return to Washington – so she and her Praetorian guard of Secret Service agents and assorted hangers-on can stay on the islands […]

Margaret Thatcher at 87

The Platinum lady: Margaret Thatcher still perfectly coiffed on her 87th birthday

The Daily Mail [UK] 13 October 2012

The traditional Tory blue outfit is immaculate and the famous ‘helmet hair’ – now platinum white – is perfectly coiffed.

This is former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on her 87th birthday heading for a celebratory lunch […]

Michelle Obama’s Birthday Restaurant Has Occupy-Themed Burger Menu

nycsouthpaw BuzzFeed 1/17/2012

The Obamas are celebrating Michelle’s birthday with friends at BLT Steak in Washington, DC this evening. The restaurant recently introduced “The 99%” burger (american cheese, wonder bread) and “The 1%” burger (foie gras, kobe beef and gold leaf).

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First Mo pimps donations for Barry’s birthday

Weasel Meister Weasel Zippers 7/28/2010

Just when you think these two couldn’t possibly stoop any lower, they prove their flexibility exceeds human imagination.

CNSNews.com — It seems like a sweet sentiment — an e-mail message from a loving wife expressing a charming and fun way to wish her husband a happy 49th birthday by having […]