‘According to the head of the United Nations, only one vision of the future is acceptable’

Contrary to the U.N.’s dire assessment, humanity has never seen a clearer reduction in poverty worldwide. The proportion of people living in absolute poverty has dropped massively, from 52 percent in 1981 to 22 percent today.

~Bjorn Lomborg

Blazing Cat Fur 6/15/2012

“Five days from now the United Nations’ Rio+20 conference […]

Climate change stunner: ‘USA leads world in CO2 cuts since 2006’ — ‘Emissions fallen 7.7%’…

…’Largest reduction of all countries’ — ‘U.S. CO2 emissions down to levels not seen since 1964’

Barry Saxifrage The Vancouver Observer 6/4/2012

The Americans? Really?

Every year the International Energy Agency (IEA) calculates humanity’s CO2 pollution from burning fossil fuels. And once again, the overall story line is one of ever-increasing emissions:

“Global carbon-dioxide emissions […]

Bjorn Lomborg: IPCC scaremongering is destroying its credibility

AustralianClimateMadness.com 17 Feb 2010

Bjorn Lomborg writes in The Australian on the woes of the IPCC. Now remember, Lomborg is a believer in man-made global warming, but he has realised, unlike most of his fellow believers, that sweeping the IPCC’s errors under the carpet is precisely the wrong thing to do, if you are ever […]