Record-setting snowfall kills 75,000 cows… but the media is silent

Homes outside of Ellsworth Air Force Base. (Image source: iWitness Rob Griffith/The Weather Channel)


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Glenn Beck 10/11/2013

Late last week, portions of the Great Plains were buried by a record snowfall that will more than likely have a huge impact on your wallet, but the media has been […]

ABC Touts Blizzard of 2010 as Obama-esque ‘Mini-Jobs Program’

By Rich Noyes NewsBusters 02/08/2010

Amid all of the snow news on Sunday night’s World News, ABC reporter David Kerley tossed in a positive reference to President Obama’s supposed abilities to create jobs. “While President Obama didn’t come up with it, the storm is its own mini-jobs program,” Kerley touted, talking about the extra cash […]