Social Security at Risk of Running Out of Money?

Cavuto FoxBusiness 2/18/2013

Former Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue on what is needed to ensure that Social Security is sustainable over the long-term.

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Obama Debt Commision Co-Chair former Sen. Alan Simpson (R-WY):


11 shocking, true facts about Simpson-Bowles

Ezra Klein The Washington Post 12/4/2012

An important fact to keep in mind in the coming days: “The Bowles plan” that Speaker John Boehner endorsed is not the same as “the Simpson-Bowles plan.” Indeed, it’s not even the plan supported by its apparent namesake, Erskine Bowles, who insists that he was simply sketching out the […]

Paul Ryan addresses fiscal cliff: ‘We’re nowhere. We’re farther than where we started’

Alex Pappas The Daily Caller 12/4/2012

Paul Ryan addressed the fiscal cliff crisis on Tuesday, telling a Milwaukee radio host: “We’re nowhere. We’re farther than where we started.”

In an interview with 620 WTMJ host Charlie Sykes, the Wisconsin congressman and 2012 Republican vice presidential nominee said the fiscal cliff negotiations to stop automatic tax […]

Caddell: Obama's Arrogant Overreach--and the Republican Opportunity

Patrick Caddell Big Government 3 Dec 2012

In the “fiscal cliff” negotiations, the Republicans are in desperate need of a game-changer. That is, the current dynamics in Washington DC are so bad right now for Republicans that they are likely to go off a political cliff. President Obama and the Democrats have always been […]

Obama willing to go over fiscal cliff, according to White House leaks

Neil Munro The Daily Caller 12/3/2012

White House sources are telling Democratic reporters that the president is willing to go over the so-called “fiscal cliff” if GOP leaders don’t agree to his demand for higher tax rates on the wealthy without substantive spending cuts.

A political deadlock would mean an automatic tax increase for middle-class […]

Alan Simpson: Paul Ryan speaks ‘hard truth’

Tomer Ovadia Politico 8/17/2012

Former Sen. Alan Simpson, co-chairman of the Simpson-Bowles commision on debt and deficit reduction, on Friday called Paul Ryan “a spokesman of hard truth against fakery.”

“He encourages me. Erskine [Bowles] and I felt he was one of the sharpest guys we dealt with,” Simpson said on Fox News. “He doesn’t […]