This #Occupy hypocrite is a trust-fund baby

CAJ note: We first saw this young man in a video on Verum Serum the other day and thought, “Whoa, bad drugs in the park.” Or, sadly, perhaps genuine mental illness. Yesterday John wrote an update on this fellow with additional new video.

Video: OWS meltdown star a Columbia grad student … with a […]

Marx in the City 1/1/2011

A look at the growing Marxist movement in New York City. Even though they read Marx and Stalin, organize protests against Israel and play a board game that equates capitalism with barbarism, they shy away from calling themselves “socialist”. As one member puts it, “It’s more positive to say progressive or left.”

“The […]

Ayers tells CA crowd: ‘We were never a terrorist organization’

Breitbart.TV 4/25/2010

“We never threatened to kill people, we never killed people.”

From the archives of the New York Times:

No Regrets for a Love Of Explosives; In a Memoir of Sorts, a War Protester Talks of Life With the Weathermen By Dinitia Smith September 11, 2001

”I don’t regret setting bombs,” […]

Rep. John Conyers on ‘Tea Baggers’: Their ‘Rational Abilities are Compromised by Anger’

Breitbart.TV 4/19/2010

“You get mad at the wrong party or the wrong thing.”

Congressman John Conyers (D-MI)

‘Riot Is the Voice of the Unheard’

Tea-party foe Maxine Waters once made excuses for real political violence.

James Taranto The Wall Street Journal 4/6/2010

“The Tea Party emerges as not only outrageous, but they have turned up the volume in ways that even Code Pink have not been able to do,” Rep. Maxine Waters said the other day on MSNBC. A […]

Dick Morris: Wall Street Bill Gives Treasury Secretary Powers Castro Doesn’t Have

Breitbart.TV 3/30/2010

“It’s pure socialism in the United States. It gives the Treasury Secretary the power – in his sole discretion with no judicial review and no objective standards – the right to seize any financial business he wants simply because he thinks it’s too big to fail and that it’s in danger of failing.”