Educating John McCain On The Arabic Translation Of ‘Allahu Akbar’

Mara Zebest The Gateway Pundit 9/3/2013

McCain appeared on Fox & Friends and made a stunning statement that defies any semblance of common sense. Just look at the stunned expressions on the Fox News cast as McCain equates the term “Allahu Akbar” as no different than Christians who say “Thank God.”

Nope… not the same […]

Two months of arguing over 10 hours of savings

Washington proves again it’s incapable of course correction.

Mark Steyn The Orange County Register 1/4/2013

The politics of the “fiscal cliff” deal is debatable: On the one hand, Boehner got the “Bush tax cuts” made permanent for most Americans; Obama was forced to abandon his goal of increasing rates for those earning $250,000. On the […]

Judge Napolitano on Government Spying: Obama Administration ‘Does Not Respect Privacy’

Alex Alvarez Mediaite 4/17/2012

Judge Andrew Napolitano stopped by Fox & Friends Tuesday morning to give host Brian Kilmeade his rundown on President Barack Obama‘s record when it comes to Americans’ privacy.

“If the government inadvertently discovers private information about you,” Napolitano explained, “in the Bush administration, it destroyed that information. In the Obama administration, […]