Sharyl Attkisson: 'Journalism is suffering from a crisis of its own making'

AFPFoundation YouTube 6/1/2015

Sharyl Attkisson is an Emmy award winning investigative journalist and author of the New York Times bestseller: “Stonewalled.” She joined us as a keynote speaker at Right Online 2015. As the title of her book clearly depicts, her run ins with the Obama White House weren’t what journalists have been used to […]

C-SPAN CEO: White House has allowed only ‘one hour’ of health care coverage

Breitbart.TV January 7, 2010

“We were used as kind of a political football during the campaign.”

White House: We will NOT discuss broken C-Span promise

by Byron York Washington Examiner 1/6/10

On Tuesday, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs declined to answer questions about the president’s campaign commitment to hold health-care negotiations on C-Span. Gibbs said he had not seen a letter from C-Span’s Brian Lamb to congressional leaders requesting the coverage and thus could not comment on it.

On […]

Democrats Facing Backlash for Hiding Talks on Pro-Abortion Health Care

by Steven Ertelt Editor January 5, 2010

Washington, DC ( — Congressional Democrats are facing a backlash after news broke yesterday that they intend to move forward with plans to ditch a formal conference committee. Today, CSPAN, the cable network that covers Congress, urged Democrats to open the process to public scrutiny.

The conference […]

C-SPAN Challenges Congress to Open Health Care Talks to TV Coverage

The head of C-SPAN has implored Congress to open up the last leg of health care reform negotiations to the public, as top Democrats lay plans to hash out the final product among themselves. January 5, 2010

The head of C-SPAN has implored Congress to open up the last leg of health care […]