Thursday Report: Bloomberg Wouldn't Let Guard Into Brooklyn Over Their Possession of Guns

Tom Blumer NewsBusters 11/3/2012

A report tells us that “National Guard plays key role in N.J. relief efforts.” The LA Times has reported that “More than 10,000 National Guard troops in 13 states have been mobilized to assist in the response to Hurricane Sandy, including more than 2,200 who are assisting with recovery efforts […]

Obama Campaigns In Vegas While Storm Victims Defecate In The Hallways And Rummage Through Garbage Dumpsters For Food

Michael The American Dream 11/2/2012

Will Hurricane Sandy turn out to be Obama’s Katrina? When the storm first hit, the media was full of praise for the way that Barack Obama was handling the crisis. But that was just based on the bold statements that Obama was making at the time. If those statements are […]

DNA at #OWS protest site may be tied to 2004 murder

OWS shock in unsolved ’04 Sarah slay

DNA match from B’klyn subway protest

The March Occupy protest that yielded the startling DNA match. Click on the image to enlarge.

Larry Celona, Jamie Schram, Beth DeFalco, and Jeane MacIntosh The New York Post 7/11/2012

The unsolved murder of a Juilliard student eight years ago […]

Republican Wins House Race in New York, Seen as Obama Rebuke

Associated Press via 9/14/2011

NEW YORK – Republicans have scored an upset victory in a New York City House race that became a referendum on President Barack Obama’s economic policies.

Retired media executive and political novice Bob Turner defeated Democratic state Assemblyman David Weprin (WEHP’-rihn) in a special election Tuesday to succeed Rep. Anthony […]