Good News: Oil Drilling Off Florida Begins Nov. 1st. Bad News: It’s in Cuba

Steve Maley RedState 9/10/2011

While it’s been the subject of rumor, gossip and misinformation for the last several years, this time it’s real: drilling off the north shore of Cuba is scheduled to begin November 1. Six wells are planned to be drilled with this rig by the various international companies who own exploration rights […]

Acclaimed Polar Bear Researcher Has ‘Integrity Issues’; Arctic Scientist Under Investigation

Acclaimed Polar Bear Researcher Has “Integrity Issues”

Just A Grunt JammieWearingFool 7/28/2011

Who’d have thunk it? The guy who wrote up the report of dead polar polar bears in the water that was cited extensively by Al Gore and used by enviro wackos everywhere to pressure the planet to panic over global warmingseems to […]