Report: EPA Exceeds Its Authority With Proposed Rules

Peter Fricke The Daily Caller 8/19/2014

Congress should use the appropriations process to reassert its authority over the Environmental Protection Agency, according to a Heritage Foundation issue brief released Tuesday.

The report, written by scholar Daren Bakst, identifies three issues on which the EPA has proposed rules and regulations that exceed its authority. In all […]

Ron Paul Tried To Warn Us About The Abusive BLM…In 1997

Shame on us for not listening.

Daniel Noe Western Journalism 4/29/2014

Speaking on the House of Representatives floor on September 17, 1997, then-Congressman Ron Paul warned of the “massive buildup of a virtual army of armed regulators.” He added: “The gun in the hands of law-abiding citizens serves to hold in check arrogant and aggressive […]

The Truth About the BLM - Bundy Ranch Dispute Explained

therealTrippleB YouTube 4/12/2014

H/T KrisAnne Hall:

“What is the BLM? What authority does it have? And why are so many people outraged over its actions?

The Bureau of Land Management is a Bureaucratic Agency created under the Department of Interior in 1976. It has the power to REGULATE ALL “Permitted Uses” of land in the […]

Burwell’s Confirmation Hearings to Run Obamacare Just Got a Little More Difficult

Bryan Preston PJ Tatler PJ Media 4/14/2014

Sylvia Burwell is President Obama’s pick to replace Kathleen Sebelius atop the Department of Health and Human Services, despite her having no experience in the healthcare industry. This administration’s motto seems to be “no experience required.” Burwell’s main claims to fame up to now aren’t terribly impressive. She […]

Proposed ‘Common Core Czar,’ governing body undercut promises to maintain locally controlled schools

Ben Velderman EAGnews 3/19/2014

Common Core money man Bill Gates appeared on a news show last Sunday to once again defend the K-12 experiment against charges that it will erode state and local control of public education.

“(Common Core) is not a federal takeover. Nobody’s pushing for that,” Gates said.

Gates’ proclamation was the latest […]

The president's power grab

Obama is not a dictator, but there is a danger in his aggregation of executive power.

Jonathan Turley Op-Ed The Los Angeles Times 3/9/2014

Recently, a bizarre scene unfolded on the floor of the House of Representatives that would have shocked the framers of the Constitution. In his State of the Union address, President Obama […]