Sharyl Attkisson: 'Journalism is suffering from a crisis of its own making'

AFPFoundation YouTube 6/1/2015

Sharyl Attkisson is an Emmy award winning investigative journalist and author of the New York Times bestseller: “Stonewalled.” She joined us as a keynote speaker at Right Online 2015. As the title of her book clearly depicts, her run ins with the Obama White House weren’t what journalists have been used to […]

Another MSNBC scandal? Blaze readers at campaign event claim network misled in video of rally chant

After Mr. Ryan whooped up the crowd in Vandalia on Tuesday, Mr. Romney moved to the front of the stage. As the crowd began chanting “Romney! Romney!” he cut them off.“Wait a second,” Mr. Romney said, instructing the audience to cheer for “Romney-Ryan! Romney-Ryan!” They did.

“There we go,” he said, […]

‘Words Matter’: An Un-narrated Obama Documentary/Review

SnorkelDogg YouTube 9/2/2012

H/T Babalú Blog

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Mark Levin: When is the day going to come when we men stand up for conservative women?

The Right Scoop 4/30/2012

Mark Levin says that he wasn’t entirely sure what Obama was trying to say with his ‘Sarah Palin/hockey mom/pit bull’ joke, but he’s surmised since that Obama was comparing Sarah Palin to a dog. He contends that if he made a joke like that about Michelle Obama, he’d never heard the […]

Congressman Allen West closes CPAC 2011

libertywriters YouTube 2/12/2011


…Allen West got a rousing ovation from the CPAC crowd for a much different speech than one that would have been given by the straw poll winner. He spoke of moral courage, steadfast defense against enemies, and a big ovation when he pledged that he would never allow America […]

Marco Rubio: My Promise

Freedom’s Lighthouse 12/31/2010

Florida Senator-elect Marco Rubio has sent a letter thanking his supporters and outlining his agenda after his swearing in on January 5th.

…Next Wednesday, January 5th, we begin the hard work of turning principles into policies, ideas into legislation and campaign promises into a new course for our state and America. On […]