#Occupy’s ‘nerve center’ staffed by Soros activists

Professional radicals caught red-handed running so-called ‘leaderless’ movement

Aaron Klein WorldNetDaily 12/9/2011

The so-called leaderless Occupy movement has just been caught red-handed operating what appears to be a nerve center staffed by professional agitators deeply tied to groups funded by billionaire activist George Soros.

The groups, most prominent among them being the Tides Center, have […]

True dissent? Labor and left-wing groups meet in Washington to capitalize on Egyptian uprising

Jeff Winkler The Daily Caller 2/11/2011

In the hours before Hosni Mubarak stepped down as Egypt’s president, the Egyptian people were raging for freedom in the streets of Cairo. Back in Washington D.C., lefty organizations were plotting, too, wondering: “How can we capitalize on those protesters’ positivenarrative?”

On Thursday night, the New Organizing Institute did […]

Behind SEIU Chief Andy Stern’s Resignation

Max Fisher The Atlantic Wire 4/13/2010

As chief of Service Employees International Union (SEIU), one of the nation’s largest unions, Andy Stern is a big player in Democratic politics. The group, which represents about 2 million workers, has been influential within the Obama administration. Stern’s SEIU demonstrated their clout during the health care reform debate, […]

Elaborate scheme channels money from Unions to Dems to target Tea Parties

A new Web site targeting the tea parties is a part of a complex network of money flowing from the mountainous coffers of the country’s biggest labor unions and trickling slowly into political slush funds for Democratic activists

Joseph Abrams FoxNews.com February 10, 2010

A seemingly grassroots organization that’s mounted an online campaign to counter […]