Obama’s ‘Signature Achievement’ Will Be Bypassing the Constitution

Obama is on his way to circumventing checks and balances with more regularity than any president in history.

David Harsanyi Reason.com 3/20/2015

…Some liberal pundits have suggested that Obama’s deal might force Republican candidates to take unpopular positions on climate change in the 2016 cycle. It might. But Republicans have a far more powerful case […]

Obama: I'll Make Case to American People After Iran Deal Is Made

Daniel Halper The Weekly Standard 3/9/2015

President Obama will wait until after a nuclear deal with Iran is made to make the case to the American people that it’s the right thing to do. He made the comment today after being asked about this letter from nearly 50 U.S. senators to Iran, which stated, “The […]

Obama Is About to Commit an Act of Constitutional Infamy

Peter Wehner Commentary Magazine 11/19/2014

The president will present his case on behalf of his forthcoming executive order on amnesty tomorrow at 8 p.m. I certainly hope President Obama addresses the arguments against his action that were repeatedly and passionately made by … President Obama. Our friends at National Review have put together a nice […]

The president's power grab

Obama is not a dictator, but there is a danger in his aggregation of executive power.

Jonathan Turley Op-Ed The Los Angeles Times 3/9/2014

Recently, a bizarre scene unfolded on the floor of the House of Representatives that would have shocked the framers of the Constitution. In his State of the Union address, President Obama […]

Gowdy: Administration 'rewriting the law' through prosecutorial discretion

Tgowdysc YouTube 2/27/2014

Rep. Gowdy discusses the dangers of the President’s continued expansion of executive power.

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Members of Congress and constitutional law experts testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, warning that the legislative branch is in danger of ceding its power in the face of an “imperial […]

Sen. Paul, Greta Van Susteren discuss Executive overreach, NSA, SnapChat

SenatorRandPaul YouTube 1/17/2014

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…I want tight controls on what the US government can do to Americans. Foreigners? That’s WHY we have an intelligence community…

More from Obama’s speech:

Given the unique power of the state, it is not enough for leaders to say: trust us, we won’t […]