Hillary Clinton adviser started an election-day traffic jam for Gore in 2000

Patrick Howley The Daily Caller 1/10/2014

Michael Whouley, founding partner of the strategy group tied to Hillary Clinton’s budding 2016 presidential effort, orchestrated a traffic jam to help his client Al Gore win the 2000 New Hampshire primary against Bill Bradley.

Gore campaign manager Bob Shrum wrote in his memoirs about Whouley’s last-minute gambit to […]

NJ: Vote on In-State Tuition Bill Canceled

NumbersUSA January 11, 2010

A vote scheduled in the New Jersey state senate to allow illegal aliens to receive state-subsidized, in-state tuition rates at the state’s colleges and universities was canceled on Monday. The bill’s sponsor said he lacked the necessary votes to pass the measure when Senators came under constituent pressure, in-part due to […]

NJ Dems mull limits to Christie powers

By ALEX ISENSTADT & JESSICA TAYLOR Politico.com December 6, 2009

Two months after Massachusetts lawmakers came under criticism for altering the state’s succession laws for partisan purposes, New Jersey Democrats have launched a similar effort designed to limit Republican Gov.-elect Chris Christie’s appointment powers in the event of a Senate vacancy.

Amid concerns about 85-year-old […]

These people are ready to take back their state

A photo uploaded by “ChristieforNJ”:

“great crowd at the Hunterdon courthouse. Hunterdon county is ready to #takebacknj”

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Is New Jersey Cooking the Books?

The state’s job-creation numbers seem to come with expiration dates.

By Jim Geraghty National Review Contributor October 14, 2009

When an incumbent governor goes before the voters seeking another term, the difference between reelection and defeat often lies in the economy. And while the economy’s performance affects people in many ways — inflation, home prices, […]