Army Vet Returns to Iraq to Teach Christians to Defend Themselves Against Islamic State

“People say, ‘You’re crazy for doin’ this.’” “I think people are crazy for not doing their part, to be honest with you.”

Stephen Gutowski The Washington Free Beacon 3/23/2015

…Christians have been persecuted by IS since it began its rampage across Iraq. Many have been driven from their homes or forced to convert by the […]

Western Foreigners Now Heading to Iraq to Join Christian Militia in Fight Against ISIS

Eric Odom Liberty News 2/16/2015

ISIS wants holy war and in some parts of the Middle East holy war is exactly what it’s getting. Christians in Iraq are beginning to develop their own militia forces in the fight against ISIS. It’s not just Iraqi Christians doing the fighting, though — Westerners are moving in to […]

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Christmas Greeting - 2014

Benjamin Netanyahu The Prime Minister of Israel Facebook 12/24/2014


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Post by The Prime Minister of Israel.


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Biden Lectured Ayaan Hirsi Ali On Islam

“I wasn’t used to arguing with vice presidents.”

Bradford Thomas Truth Revolt 12/10/2014

…“Wherever [Islamists] gain power, you see exactly what they do: The first thing they do is they chase women out of the public space, force them to cover up, beat them up, rape them, sell them into slavery,” said Hirsi Ali.

The […]

Geert Wilders: 'War Has Been Declared against Us'

A Speech in the Netherlands Parliament

Geert Wilders Gatestone Institute 9/4/2014

During the past ten years and two days, the ostrich cabinets did nothing. Every warning was ignored. They lied to the people.

Do not prevent jihadists from leaving our country. Let them leave. I am prepared to go to Schiphol [airport] to wave them […]

James Foley Went Looking to Support Terrorists in Syria, Instead They Cut Off His Head

Daniel Greenfield FrontPage Magazine 8/19/2014

James Foley was one of a new breed of activists calling themselves journalists. He didn’t travel to report on a story, but to promote an agenda. And the agenda was obvious from his Twitter feed.

Any human life lost is tragic, but a moral individual would have much more empathy […]