The Chicago way? Obama bullied automakers in negotiations: House report

Jim Kouri Law Enforcement Examiner 8/13/2012

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), chairman of the House Committee on Oversight [PDF] released a biting report on Friday regarding the Obama Administration’s unusual and questionable practice of obtaining agreements from automakers for stricter mileage standards.

According to Rep. Issa, the Congressional report [PDF] sheds new light on the extent […]

Cadillac Escalades for me but not for thee…?

While we endorse efficient fuel mileage for autos and trucks, we wonder is Obama trying to destroy the U.S. auto industry so we’ll have to line up like sheeple to ride his high-speed trains? Everyone here drives compact cars (though dogzilla lusts for a certain Honda SUV) all getting well over 34 mpg now, but […]

The Truth About the Auto Bailouts

Todd Zywicki RealClearPolitics 7/13/2011

Last month, President Obama barnstormed through Ohio, unveiling his surprising decision to claim credit for the success of the multi-billion dollar government bailouts of General Motors and Chrysler.

Why surprising?

Because despite the efforts of the administration and its willing accomplices in the media, the belief that the auto bailouts were […]

Chrysler releases $9m Super Bowl ad while requesting more taxpayer dollars

This ad doesn’t reveal how tough and competent Detroit is. It shows how the federal government picks winners and losers. Guess which part the taxpayers play?

J. P. Freire Washington Examiner 2/7/2011

You may have noticed that Chrysler released the longest ad in Super Bowl history on Sunday night, featuring the new Chrysler […]

Former ‘Car Czar’ Fined $10 Million in Massive Pension Scandal

‘Pay-to-play’ Rattner agrees to pen-$hun

Bruce Golding and Kaja Whitehouse New York Post 12/31/2010

…Former Obama administration “car czar” Steven Rattner yesterday walked away from his collision with Attorney General Andrew Cuomo by agreeing to a $10 million fine and a five-year ban on appearing before any state-pension funds.

But Rattner, who headed the massive […]

Chrysler won’t repay bailout money

[CAJ note: We apologize for a year-old article, but we don’t recall having read this last year and wondered how many of our readers might have missed it, too.

[H/T to our friend, Jesse, who sent it this morning.]

An administration official confirms that a $4 billion bridge loan and $3.2 billion in bankruptcy […]