Longing for Hope & Change: 71% Regret Voting for Obama

PJ Media YouTube 2/19/2014

A new poll shows that 71 percent of people who voted for President Obama regret their ballot choice. Surprised? Trifecta isn’t. Hear why as Bill, Scott and Steve discuss the power of demonization in American politics, and how it can force voters to choose unqualified candidates.

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Do our children know how to be citizens?

If our children are to keep the republic, they must understand and value the thing they are being asked to keep.


Robert Pondiscio CNN 7/4/2013

…Teaching children to understand, value and peaceably exercise their rights and responsibilities — to keep the republic — was indispensable to our democracy and could not be […]

What’s America’s biggest problem? Pervasive civic ignorance.

Glenn Beck 9/19/2012

This morning on radio, Glenn shared a recent statement from Former SCOTUS Justice David Souter where he told the University of New Hampshire School of Law that pervasive civic ignorance in the United States could bring forth a dictatorship.

“I don’t worry about losing a Republican government in the United States because […]

Most Students Lack Civics Proficiency on NAEP

Erik W. Robelen Education Week 5/4/2011

Many high school seniors may be old enough to vote, but just one-quarter of them demonstrate at least a “proficient” level of civics knowledge and skills, based on the latest results from a prominent national exam.

That statistic, 24 percent, represents a slight dip from the proportion of 12th […]