@SenTedCruz Demolishes Gang Of 8 Immigration Bill

Smitty The Other McCain 6/11/2013

Nice Deb over at Breitbart posts a 23:10 shot to the dome for Rubio’s Folly:



Spread this far and wide. And let the GOP be on notice that the immigration bill is not the place to fail.

Hang on until after 15:00 for the exposure of the […]

Environmental justice: A new movement to restrict your movement

First in a series

Katherine Timpf The Washington Times 5/31/2012

When most people talk about President Obama’s influence on America, they mention reforming health care, repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell” or ending the war in Iraq.

But a nearly unknown executive order could have a greater impact on the future of America than all of […]

KBR Requests That Losing Rape Claimant Pay Company’s Legal Fees

Nathan Koppel The Wall Street Journal 8/23/2011

The skirmishing has not yet subsided in the high-profile suit brought by Jamie Leigh Jones, the Houston woman who claimed that she was raped while working in Iraq for defense contractor KBR.

Jones had sought $145 million in damages against KBR, claiming it condoned a hostile sexual climate […]