Commie Kitsch or 'Balancing Act' from The Washingtonian Mom

In the constant juggle of managing life at home and life at work, Claire Shipman realizes that confidence is key

Alicia C. Shepard Washingtonian MOM Spring Issue

Note to our readers: The cover of the spring issue of Washingtonian MOM features journalist and author Claire Shipman, whose new book, The Confidence Code, cowritten with Katty […]

New WH Press Secretary Carney Can Control Message via ‘Relationships’ with MSM?

The Obama Carnival’s Carney

The Prowler The American Spectator 1/28/2011

Just how serious President Barack Obama takes the threat of losing the White House in 2012 is made clear by his decision to dump longtime loyalist Bill Burton for Jay Carney as his new press secretary.

Carney, who for the past two years has served […]