NBC’s Engel: US allies fear Obama admin leaking information to Iran

Ed Morrissey Hot Air 3/27/2015

Just how badly has Barack Obama and his administration damaged relations with our allies in the Middle East? NBC’s Richard Engel reports that the Sunni nations in the region have begun to fear that the Obama administration leaks intel to Iran as part of its efforts at rapprochement with the […]

In Shocking Breach, U.S. Declassifies Document Revealing Some of Israel's Nuclear Capabilities

Tom Gross The Weekly Standard 3/26/2015

On February 12, the Pentagon quietly declassified a top-secret 386-page Department of Defense document from 1987 detailing Israel’s nuclear program – the first time Israel’s alleged nuclear program has ever been officially and publically referenced by the U.S. authorities.

In the declassified document, the Pentagon reveals supposed details about […]

Judicial Watch: ‘Obama administration may have misled and lied about Clinton emails’

Christopher Colllins Paulding County Republican Examiner 3/3/2015

When news broke that Hillary Clinton, while serving as U.S. Secretary of State, conducted all of her official business on a private email account, possibly violating federal laws, one organization, Judicial Watch (JW), has been at the forefront in investigating corruption within the Obama administration, and feels that […]

Former US diplomat investigated, suspected of giving secrets to Pakistan

Robert Spencer Jihad Watch 11/22/2014

How much power and influence have Islamic supremacists and jihadists bought in Washington? That is a story that will probably never be told, but given the Islamic supremacists’ access to oil billions, the number of bought politicians, diplomats and journalists is most likely quite high…

…WASHINGTON — American investigators intercepted […]

‘Dangerous Territory’: Judge Napolitano Assesses Legality of Obama’s Exec Orders

Fox News Insider 2/4/2014

A Republican senator is calling on the administration to present legal justification for its increasing use of executive orders. In last week’s State of the Union address, President Obama laid out 12 such executive actions, prompting a letter from Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) to the Justice Department.

“The president has made […]

Won’t this interfer with Obama’s weekly round of golf?

31 August 2013



Sources tell me the Sunday WH classified briefing on #Syria will be for ALL House members and in-person. Early afternoon.

— Major Garrett (@MajorCBS) August 31, 2013

Update: Syria Pitch to Public an Uphill Climb

After watching the British Parliament turn back Prime Minister David Cameron’s call for military […]