Records Reveal Contact Between Corzine and the Fed in MF Global’s Final Days

James Rosen 12/14/2011

…MF Global documents and telephone and email records obtained by Fox News show that on the morning of Oct. 26 — not even a full day after the optimistic statement he released — Corzine was contacting top officials at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, including New York Fed President […]

MF Global probe uncovers shady pre-fall trades

Mark DeCambre The New York Post 12/10/2011

Something sure stinks in stinksville.

The trustee handling the unwinding of fallen broker dealer MF Global has uncovered some “suspicious” trades made by the company in the last days leading up to its Halloween collapse, a bankruptcy judge was told yesterday.

The trades could strike at the heart […]

MF Global fallout delays U.S. farm seed, land deals

Tom Polansek Reuters 12/6/2011

Chicago–For the first time in 25 years, Minnesota farmer Dean Tofteland has missed his deadline to buy seed for next spring’s corn and soybean crops.

With $200,000 of his money yet to be returned from the accounts of MF Global, his former broker, the 49-year-old farmer has missed a $5,000 discount […]