The Amnesty Memo

Robert VerBruggen National Review Online 7/29/2010

According to an internal U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services memo going the rounds of Capitol Hill and obtained by National Review, the agency is considering ways in which it could enact “meaningful immigration reform absent legislative action” — that is, without the consent of the American people through a […]

Kyl: Obama told me he won’t secure the border until Congress agrees to amnesty

Allahpundit 6/20/2010

Via ColdWarrior at Red State, the whole clip’s worth watching but skip ahead to three minutes in for the money bit. Does any term of art exist to describe a revelation that’s shocking in one sense and yet not at all surprising in another? (“Kinsleyan gaffe” is in the ballpark, but that’s […]

Two U.S. Bills Seek to Lure Immigrant Entrepreneurs

by Jeffrey Mervis Science Insider 2/26/2010

Foreign scientists who want to start a U.S. company would have a better shot at doing so under two bills introduced recently in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. The bills, which have received broad support from venture capitalists, would create a new path within U.S. immigration […]