Sen. Ted Cruz Speaks Against Corker-Hoeven Amendment to the Immigration Bill

Sen TedCruz YouTube 6/24/2013

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The immigration debate barrels ahead in the Senate this week—and the Gang of Eight wants you to believe it’s a done deal.

The media and many Senators have been trumpeting a new amendment to the bill by […]

‘Child abusers get amnesty’: Sen. Vitter reads 1,170-page amendment to find out what’s in it

Twitchy 6/22/2013

Follow @DavidVitter‘s tweets. He’s tweeting the 1170 page amendment to the #Gangof8 bill. #NoAmnesty

— Tish (@KamaainaInOC) June 22, 2013




In April, Louisiana Sen. David Vitter began reading through the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill,tweeting his concerns as he made his way through the 844-page monster. Fast forward to June: […]