Obama’s ‘New World Order’ Quote Will Creep You Out Even if You’re Not a Conspiracy Theorist

Sanch Panza Soopermexican 7/23/2014

…this is the kind of “New World Order” quote that puts money in the wallet of Alex Jones, but aside from positing that Obama is a lizard space alien hellbent on imposing Sharia-Illuminati martial law on the world, it actually displays an amazing but troubling aspect of Obama’s “philosophy” of the […]

Actually, Obama 'Manufactured' the Crisis

Joel B. Pollak Breitbart.com Big Government 18 Oct 2013

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…while the House and Senate passed parallel budgets (the Senate for the first time in years), President Obama sent new Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew on a nationwide tour blasting Republicans (back in Washington) that they dare not fail to raise […]

President Obama Delivers Speech at the United Nations; Condemns ‘Anti-Islam’ Movie; Never Calls Attack that Killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens a ‘Terrorist’ Attack

Brian Freedom’s Lighthouse 9/25/2012

Here is complete video of President Obama’s speech today to the United Nations in New York City. Obama praised recently slain U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, but never mentioned that he was killed by a Terrorist attack on September 11 in Benghazi, Libya. Instead of talking about the continuing terrorist threat facing […]

How soon until …

Lexington Green Chicago Boyz 7/24/2011

… President Obama makes a public statement linking the Norway massacres and the Tea Party?

Does he go first? Or does he let others take the lead?

It is taking them a few days to figure out how to use the massacre politically.

But it is going to be a […]