Leaked Lib Megadonor Doc: 'Fundamentally Change Our Current Political System'

Mike Ciandella Business and Media Institute MRC.org 6/25/2014

…Towards the end of the document is a list of 172 liberal groups that the Democracy Alliance encouraged its supporters to donate to, entitled “Progressive Infrastructure Map Spring 2014.” A footnote on this list states that “[O]ver the last nine years, many of the organizations previously recommended […]

Pajama Boy Nation

Victor Davis Hanson Works and Days PJ Media 12/22/2013





Will Kane of High Noon Pajama Boy wasn’t. Somehow we as a nation went from the iconic Marlboro Man to Pajama Boy — from the noble individual with a bad habit to the ignoble without a good habit — without a […]

‘I really believe that the way America will look best, the way we can really do best, is to not be Americans so vigilantly and so vehemently’

Darleen Click Protein Wisdom 7/28/2013


AP / Copyright 2001, The Record / Thomas E. Franklin



…I’m not ashamed to be an American no matter how much Obama and the Left want to denigrate the brand.



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Obama To 23 Million Struggling Americans: ‘The Private Sector Is Doing Fine’

GOPICYMI YouTube 6/8/2012

Romney: “Is he really that out of touch?”

It didn’t take long for Mitt Romney to hit the hanging curve Barack Obama threw earlier today in his press conference. Speaking in Iowa, a key swing state in the election, Romney asked whether any American President has been more out of […]

Hypocrite: Springsteen Blasts Greedy Bankers at Berlin Concert

Liberty News Network 6/5/2012

The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, blasted greedy bankers in a song performed during a concert in Berlin:

“In America, a lot of people have lost their jobs,” said Springsteen, 62, who performed for three hours to some 58,000 fans in the packed stadium that hosted the 1936 Olympics and the 2006 World […]

Mark Levin: When is the day going to come when we men stand up for conservative women?

The Right Scoop 4/30/2012

Mark Levin says that he wasn’t entirely sure what Obama was trying to say with his ‘Sarah Palin/hockey mom/pit bull’ joke, but he’s surmised since that Obama was comparing Sarah Palin to a dog. He contends that if he made a joke like that about Michelle Obama, he’d never heard the […]