This may be the best campaign ad of 2010

Now THIS Is What I’m Talkin’ About…

Conservative Pup 5/16/2010

…and what I’ve been longing for. A real American man, who is as tough as Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. We need about five thousand or so more like him.

Watch and enjoy the best ad I’ve seen, maybe ever, for someone running for a […]

Yockey: It’s time to end birthright citizenship

Cynthia Yockey A Conservative Lesbian 4/7/2010

When Margaret and I lived in Silver Spring, near the border of Maryland and Washington, D.C., our community was overwhelmed by illegal immigration. We lived near the area with the highest concentration of illegal immigrants in Montgomery county — in all of Maryland and Washington, D.C., really. As a […]

Conservatives under attack: Black, Gay, Lesbian

At Common American Journal we know many conservatives are entrenched in the belief that gay and lesbian people cannot be conservative in their political preferences. It’s unfathomable to us, but the belief sadly prevails. Fortunately the arena for this ideology is shrinking more every year thanks in large part to the blogsphere and some brilliant […]

Jonestown, Guyana, 18 November 1978

Blogger Cynthia Yockey reminded us of this terrible anniversary and how a beloved childhood drink mix has come to be synonymous with mass suicide for those of us old enough to remember Jonestown.

Wikipedia gives a compelling and complete account of the events which lead people from their homes in California to their deaths in […]

Understanding Obama: learn the four types of enablers of narcissists

[CAJ Note: We follow both of these excellent bloggers, Cynthia Yockey and ‘Conservative Pup’, in our RSS feed and would urge readers to visit the sites.]

by Cynthia Yockey November 13, 2009

Conservative Pup is a nurse and she was disturbed by Obama’s cold and inappropriate behavior right after the Ft. Hood mass murder — […]