ObamaCareTax–Paul Ryan: It’s a tax, so vote. Rangle: It’s a ‘fee for services.’ WH and Gov. Deval Patrick: It’s not a tax. Chief of Staff Jack Lew: It’s not a tax but maybe I should have listened to the oral arguments first. Steve Moore says it’s a BF tax on those making less than $120,000 per year. Maxine Waters hasn’t decided whether she’ll call it a tax or a mandate. Axelrod: Uninsured are ‘free riders.’ Fl Gov. Rick Scott: We will not comply. Pelosi: It doesn’t really matter because Americans are pretty stupid and don’t care anyway.

Paul Ryan: John Roberts Contorted ‘Logic and Reason’ With Health Care Ruling

George Stephanopoulos ABC News 7/1/2012

…“I’m very disappointed in the ruling. I think the chief justice had to contort logic and reason to come up with this ruling,” he said. “So one man decided against the dissenting opinion, against what I, you know, […]