Ted Cruz Owns Texas as Tea Party Rules the Election



Steven Ahle Buzzpo 5/28/2014

With the results of yesterday’s runoff elections in Texas, two things were made perfectly clear. First, the Tea Party rules, it is alive and doing well, and Ted Cruz and his wing of the Republican party owns Texas. Sorry, Rick Perry, your timing was lousy.

It was a […]

Huge: CSCOPE is out of Texas

Glenn Beck 5/20/2013 _ _ Glenn had some good new to kick off the third hour of radio today – the controversial CSCOPE program would no longer be providing lesson plans for Texas.

“I want to give you some good news, good news on that you are making a difference. A letter signed now by […]

Exposing CSCOPE: The controversial education program indoctrinating Texas students

Glenn Beck 3/7/2013



For weeks, Glenn and TheBlaze have been brought listeners and viewers shocking stories of indoctrination that all share one common theme: CSCOPE. On Wednesday night’s episode of The Glenn Beck Program, Glenn invited David Barton, Texas State Senator Dan Patrick and teachers Mary Bowen and Stan Hartzler.

TheBlaze’s Tiffany […]