The Raj Koothrappali Approach to Constitutional Law

Ed Driscol PJ Media 2/24/2013

…I finally listened to the podcast that Glenn Reynolds, our friendly neighborhood Instapundit and University of Tennessee law professor, recorded recently with Russ Roberts, economics professor at George Mason University. At about 30:00 minutes into the recording, Reynolds and Roberts had the following exchange over Louis Michael Seidman’s piece in […]

Striking SEIU workers intentionally endangered CT nursing home patients, says company

Vince Coglianese The Daily Caller 7/18/2012

After the collapse of 17-month-long union negotiations on July 3, unionized health-care workers walked out of five nursing home facilities in Connecticut, but not before placing some elderly patients in dire medical risk through acts of sabotage, according to the company that owns and operates the facilities.

“In the […]