GAO Report: Obama’s Policies ‘Not Sustainable’

Celia Bigelow Big Government 19 Feb 2013

For two months, reporters and lawmakers have ignored a devastating report from the federal government itself, which warns that the nation’s current fiscal policy will lead to economic collapse.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO)—the personal auditor of President Obama and the federal government—released its assessment of the […]

Cliff diving

Washington already drove us off the fiscal cliff while no one was looking.

Gov. Bobby Jindal Politico 12/6/2012

As the nation eagerly awaits Washington’s solution to the so-called fiscal cliff, and as the negotiations continue back and forth in both the media and in reality, here are a few thoughts for consideration.

Today it’s the […]

‘Bernanke has donated billions to re-elect Obama as he inflicts out-of-control inflation on average Americans’

That is the headline this morning at The Astute Bloggers.

The Astute Bloggers 9/14/2012





…But the stock market–with the lowest participation by middle class people in decades–in going way, way, way up.

While the dollar is down…

Read the […]

How Reagan Cut Oil Prices And Why It Won’t Happen Now

A Weak Dollar, Not Oil Company Greed, is Driving Prices Up

Editorial 4/5/2012

Energy: Governments aren’t powerless to slash the price of oil. Ronald Reagan and Paul Volcker once did exactly that. But it took a kind of commitment not in sight today.

Among all the factors pushing up prices at the gas pump, […]

Ryan’s Budget Is Better Than You Know

There is no alternative to its long-term perspective and the squawkers know it.

Peter Ferrara The American Spectator 3/28/2012

…President Obama is following the Bush apostasy by increasing federal spending as a percent of GDP in four years by one third more than President Bush did in eight years. In his 2013 budget, Obama proposes […]

Our Snake-bit President

Erick Erickson RedState 8/8/2011

You know, Barack Obama not only inherited a receding economy from George W. Bush, but he inherited a triple A credit rating too. Maybe we should call him Lemony Snicket, given the series of unfortunate events that have taken place on his watch.

There was the BP Oil spill and a […]