'The New School': 'Smart People Make Better Electricians.' An Interview With Instapundit

We were told for a long time that education was what got you ahead, but now you see all these people with their Masters degrees in Women’s Studies from Brown at the Occupy Wall Street camp saying they can’t get a job and they’ve got $100,000 of student debt.



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1 in 4 British Families Going Hungry Due to Green Energy

Daniel Greenfield FrontPage Magazine 12/4/2012

Remember, Britain today, America tomorrow. That’s how this game works. Europe went down the green energy garden path before we did and they are reaping the consequences. Electric Poverty is now a term. And British families have to choose between heat and food. If you have enough to eat and […]

Soros on Recent EU Developments: Absolutely Not Enough

Becket Adams The Blaze 9/14/2012

Billionaire currency speculator, philanthropist, and liberal activist George Soros appeared on Bloomberg TV Thursday morning to discuss the financial crisis in Spain and what steps, he thinks, the European Union should take going forward.

“I think it’s impossible for Spain to ask for a full-fledged program,” he said, referring to […]

Young people are going to bad universities to study subjects no employers want. This tragedy is our fault

Martin Stephen The Telegraph [UK] 30 July 2012

Surprised to hear that more than 20,000 graduates from the year of 2011 were still unemployed six months after they graduated? We shouldn’t be. This is a full-scale tragedy written, orchestrated and adapted for real life by the Government, and the victims are our young people.

We […]

‘Trapped Inside an Economic Prison’

NigelFarageFans YouTube 12/13/2011

A collage of speeches by UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP in the European Parliament in Strasbourg and Brussels as Co-President of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group (EFD).

Excerpts relate to the euro currency crisis leading up to the bailouts of Greece (May 2010), Ireland (November 2010) and Portugal (April 2011).


Merkel: Europe Will Never Share All Of Our Debts For ‘As Long As I Live’

Joe Weisenthal Business Insider 6/26/2012

This comment from Angela Merkel just now is causing ripples through markets…

Luke Baker at Reuters tweeted

Merkel: Europe wil not have shared liability for debt “as long as I live.” #euco

That sounds really intense.

In two follow up tweets he clarified:

What Merkel actually said: Europe will […]