Teen ‘who shot baby dead in his stroller during robbery’ will suggest the boy’s own PARENTS wanted him killed for insurance money

De’Marquise Elkins, 18, and Dominique Lang, 15, accused of shooting the son of Sherry West in the head Defense insinuated that Miss West and little Antonio Santiago’s father killed their son for his life insurance policy Ms West also lost a 17-year-old son to a street stabbing in 2008

Associated Press Reporter The Daily […]

Dana Perino: Where’s Obama speech on blacks shooting white babies in the face?

David Edwards Raw Story 7/21/2013

Fox News host Dana Perino on Sunday wondered why President Barack Obama would talk about how his experience as an African-American man related to the Trayvon Martin case but would not give a speech after black teens allegedly shot a white baby in the face….

…“Also when a president speaks, […]