Despite promises to the contrary, Democrats quietly take corporate money for Charlotte convention

Neil Munro The Daily Caller 5/13/2012

There’s yet another glitch with the Democrats’ trouble-plagued campaign convention in Charlotte, N.C.

Democrats tried to burnish their anti-Wall Street claims by promising in February 2011 that the $37 million convention wouldn’t accept corporate dollars.

But the convention’s host committee has been quietly soliciting corporate money to pay for […]

Big labor favor: DNC may replace local workers with out-of-state union labor for convention

Matthew Boyle The Daily Caller 11/7/2011

Charlotte, N.C. Mayor Anthony Foxx, a Democrat with close ties to President Barack Obama, is taking political heat as several reports show he plans to replace local workers with out-of-state union workers during the Democratic National Convention next year.

Foxx’s mayoral Republican challenger, Scott Stone, has been a vocal […]